Esalon hair colour review

I received my kit for free from Bzzagent. It came very nicely packaged. It was really impressive looking. I also got full sized shampoo, conditioner and conditioning treatment for free.

I actually took my entire kit to my hairdresser and had her colour my hair with it. She said there was plenty of product which I was worried about. The smell was stronger than the salon product she normally uses but it wasn’t horrible.

It came out nicely…lighter than my normal colour but still a nice shade and it covered the greys well. I would definitely consider buying this again. You can try it yourself right now for 50% off by clicking here.

Sally Hansen Vox Box

I received my Influenster box a couple of days ago.   Influenster is a program by which you get to test various products free of charge with the only catch being that you blog, tweet and facebook your thoughts on the products.    I adore Influenster!    I was really excited about this one because, Nail Polish Yay!   I do so love nail polish as you may have figured out. My nails are finally at a place where I want to paint them, but my cuticles are still totally jacked up but you work with what you have, right?

Anyway, I was stoked.   Free nail polish!   What’s not to love?   Here’s what I got in my box:
From left to right: Jaded, Red My Lips and Pat On The Black.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polish is 3-free and they claim that you get “7 benefits of a salon manicure in 1 bottle“as follows: Base Coat, Strengthener, Growth Treatment, Color, Top Coat, Chip-Resistant, Gel Shine.

I only have one other Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polish though I haven’t yet tried it.   I love the Xtreme Wear and Diamond Strength polishes so I had good thoughts.   Those good thoughts didn’t last long, however.

I tried all three of these last night.   They all sucked.   Seriously…they suck.   All of them required three coats and Jaded needed four.   I was amazed that Pat On The Black needed more than two since it’s such a dark colour, but it did.   It really surprised me just how bad these are.   I’ve seen people on the MUT nail polish forums rave about them so I really thought they would be good.   The bottles are pretty and the colours are lovely.   I was expecting way more from them since they’re the highest end of the Sally Hansen nail polish line at $7.99 regular retail price.   So read on and let me count the ways these polishes failed to impress me.

First up is Pat On The Black.   It’s a dark, goth purple and I love the colour but that’s the only thing I loved about this polish.   This was the worst of the lot.    First up, the brush was cut so badly, it made it impossible to get the polish on correctly without jagged lines at the cuticle.   Maybe I got a bad brush, but it was a jagged, raggedy mess.

Secondly, as I stated before, it took three coats to get this completley opaque because it’s very streaky and because the horrible brush was extremely difficult to work with.    The formula manages to be both runny and gloppy all at the same time.    In all honesty, my $1 Kleancolors have better brushes and formulas.


Up next is Red My Lips.   The brush on this was slightly better but only because it didn’t have a totally chewed up tip, but he bristles are still uneven and sloppy.   Wet n Wild Megalast is less than half the price of these polishes with the same type of wide brush.    I love the WnW polishes.    LOVE the brush on them…so why, at twice the cost, did Sally Hansen fail so miserably at these brushes?

The colour went on very sheer on the first coat and looked very pink.   There is nothing special about this shade of red.    There are a million others just like it.    The formula is thin and runny and unpleasant to work with.   Three coats later, it got to opaque but once again, it’s streaky and the brush leaves brush marks which got evened out with a top coat.

Lastly is Jaded.    The brush on this one was better than the other two but still not on par with WnW Megalast.   As with the other two, it left brush marks and streaks.   Which you can plainly see in the picture of my completed mani, below.

This shade is very sheer.    It took 4 coats to reach opacity and looked horrible with my skintone but even so, as far as formula goes, it was the best of the lot neither too thin nor thick and gloppy.

You know, I’m so easy with polish.   It takes a lot for me to really hate a polish, but I truly loathe Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polishes.   They are a nightmare to work with, the brushes plain suck and of these three colours, Pat on the Black is the only one that really appeals to me.   I have Back to the Fuchsia which I bought a couple of months ago but haven’t gotten to yet.    Next time I do my nails, I’m going to swatch it to see if it’s just as bad.    It remains to be seen how long the mani will last and I’ll be reporting back and updating this post next week once I get a better sense of how it wears.    In the end though, I’m extremely disappointed.   For being Sally Hansen’s high end polish, costing more than my beloved China Glaze, almost as much as my Essies and on par with my OPI polishes, I cannot fathom why they couldn’t be bothered to put some time and energy into getting the brush right at minimum.   They really need to work at improving the formula as well.    A nice bottle means nothing when the polish within it is so poor.

My next post will be about my December and January Color Me Monthly polishes.    Not only are they $1 cheaper than these Sally Hansen polishes, they ace the formula and brushes and the colours are fantastic, original and a dream to apply.   I won’t be purchasing Complete Salon Manicure polishes.   I’m not willing to risk the $8 on them when I can pick up just about any OPI for the same price with a better colour selection and a way better formula.

And this is the second reason

…why I haven’t been posting. My nails are almost back to normal so I expect to be posting pics of all things polish soon and I really want to show you all of the lovely presents I received from my buddies on MUT too. But what I’ve been doing is churning out hats and gloves. See?









(This isn’t my picture but the exact same hat I’ve been making.)

So yep, I’ve been busy. I love making these quick and easy projects. Now I just need to make myself a pair of those red ones!

Cult Cosmetics Black Box – November

I received my November Cult Cosmetics Black Box last week and I’m just getting around to posting it. These guys use DHL and it takes for-freakin-ever for it to get to me. It’s $14.99 for the first box then $19.99 thereafter. Aside from the slow shipping, they’re pretty reliable with charging and when they ship.


This month I received a black nail art striper as the extra and from top to bottom: Runyon, Rose Bowl and Mulholland. Runyon is a milk chocolate but this one is a brown that I find dull and boring. Rose Bowl is dusty pink and I have several nearly identical to it. Mulholland is a grey-green. I have nothing else like it so it’s my favourite colour of the bunch. They all have that weird, thickness that I’m not sure I like. They claim their polishes are one-coaters, which they really aren’t, and I think they make them extra thick because of that. I have yet to swatch these on my own nails so it’s possible I could change my mind entirely as to whether or not I truly like or dislike them.

I decided to cancel. I just don’t see anything special about these polishes, shipping is forever and I really hate the bottles. I hate square caps. You can never get them back on right. Neither am I sold on the one coat claim and the thickness is a bit off-putting to me. This one is just not worth it to me when SquareHue is everything I love about nail polish and subscription boxes. I don’t think any nail polish sub can measure up when held up against SquareHue. They’ve spoiled me. My SquareHue box should be here tomorrow and I just can’t wait to see what’s in it. I don’t have that same excitement for this box.